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Paper and recycling

Corrugated Liner Board

What is Corrugated Liner board?

Corrugated liner board is for base paper of corrugated board to make corrugated board box for external packaging, and divided into liner for the surface and back and medium paper for corrugated attachment.

Difference between Kraft liner board Vs. Test Liner Board

Difference between Kraft liner board Vs. Test Liner Board

The definitions for kraftliner and testliner should have been labeled Kraft Paperboard and Recycled Paperboard. These are the classifications you will find in all AF&PA data bases and reports. The terms kraftliner and testliner are used in the export market. kraftliner is defined as "paper or paperboard whose fiber content has no less than 80% fibers obtained by the chemical sulfate or soda processes". Note that there is no mention of recycled or virgin fibers. Similarly, semichemical fluting paper is defined as containing no less than 65% unbleached hardwood fibers obtained by a semichemical pulping process.

Kraft Top Liner Board
Kraft Liner Board
Test Liner Board
Medium paper
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Core for Fiber
Core for Film
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Core for Fiber drum
Chip board

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